because currently//friday favorites

because currently…

is a series I want to start sharing on a weekly basis about some of the items I’m currently craving or what I’ve been doing this week. Maybe we’ll have some things in common that I didn’t know previously and I’d love to hear feedback. Spend some time with me in the comments and let me know what you’re watching, reading, listening to, etc. I’m also sharing more on Insta stories, so catch me there too. 

TV: The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel. I can’t say enough good things about this show. My best friend recommended it (and she’s an actress, so she knows what’s up). It completely transports you into the 1950s New York city – the absolute dream. Midge, played by Rachel Brosnahan) is a hoot and so lovable! Of course, we have to thank the brilliant creator of Gilmore Girls (also currently binging) for this witty script. If you love a strong independent female character then this is your show.

STYLE MUSE: Michelle Williams. She’s on my mind lately because of her rumored engagement. And because she’s constantly rocking the red carpet with her BFF and my favorite insta stories celeb, Busy Philipps. Plus, look at that style, how could you not want to channel her red carpet style.

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oh hi there new year

To be quite honest the new year completely crept on me!  And I don’t normally get excited about a new year, but since 2017 wasn’t exactly my year – breakup and a new city. So I’m particularly happy to ring in a new year. This year, I will focus on the most important thing I should’ve focused on the last 10 months – ME.

After taking a short hiatus from social media this holiday season and after reading up on the ever-changing Instagram algorithm, I’ve decided to be more open this year. Who knows, maybe I’ll discover something I wouldn’t have found otherwise. And my lovelies readers, however small an audience it might be, I’ve decided to truly open up on this relationship. Because a good relationship does take some level of vulnerability and that’s exactly what I intend to do with whoever reads this. Read More