Love a Good White Top

Need I say more? I know a good white top when I see one.

Love a Good White Top from Struggling Hipster Style Blog on a BudgetAnd this summer, I’ve had them on repeat. Whether it’s a casual day that turns into happy hour or out on the beach, I have a white top (also white linen) for everything. So I’m sharing with you guys some of my must-haves when it comes to white tops. They all just so happen to be from the same store – Brandy Melville. I know what you’re thinking – how can I pull off a store that’s one size fits all? But if you look close enough, you’ll be able to find your best basics at this store. Hence why all my best basic white tops are from here and I wouldn’t pick them from anywhere else.

Psst, they also make you look super tan and that doesn’t hurt 😉

Hope you enjoy!


Love a Good White Top | Struggling Hipster



White Linent Night Inspiration

August 1, 2017

It’s my first White Linen Night EVER. Even after living in New Orleans for four years, I actually never had the chance to attend this event. It would normally fall in the middle of my family vacation. So, this year makes it extra special as it’s my first year “adulting” in my hometown.

I know it will be dreadfully hot, but wanted to share some white linen night dress inspiration including this little Nordstrom number.


This exact JOA dress is soldout, but if you’re looking to buy JOA dresses, know that they do run big. I purchase XS in this brand. In the meantime, I’ve included some white linen night inspiration below and don’t worry these dresses all come in white. Could be good for all those engaged gals out there 😉

Exact Sandals are Rebels Dia in Taupe (size 7 for me) | Link here

Struggling Hipster Swimsuit Picks

July 20, 2017

Swimsuit season is almost over, but then again I live in Texas! I’m heading out to the beach this weekend and given my last purchase for swimsuits went so well, I decided to try out some more options. Please note the sizes in these sites are true to size. If you normally wear a small, you with the small. Don’t think the pictures look too small, it’s probably your size.

Have you been eyeing those Maryia Swim or Solid & Striped options, but don’t want to invest in a trendy swimsuit? I felt the same way and tried out Zaful and CupShe.  My picks below are all under $50 so you can get 4 swimsuits for the price of those other trendy suits you see on Insta. Just give yourself enough time because they take 10 days or later to arrive.

I’m waiting for more to come in and I’ll be sure to share exact sizes.

See below for my top picks!

Zaful Swimsuit Picks