Cool Girl Holiday Look

Holiday Looks are typically not my favorite. In the past, I’ve purchased beautiful, whimsical dresses that you end up only wearing once and can only repeat after a certain amount of time has allotted. Call me crazy, I know maybe only I think this way. But, for the holiday look I want to share with you guys, I pulled separates that you might already have in your closet. Two great perks by doing this – 1) you get separates that you can wear again later and 2) you might already have this in your closet so no need to spend money on an outfit you won’t wear again!Read More

Top Velvet Dress Looks

top velvet dress looks

I shared this same look last year around the holidays and took it for a spin this past weekend.

A lot of you guys asked about it, so I rounded up some of my favorite velvet dress looks below. I definitely tried to find the most similar to mine – with appropriate price range. But really tho -I’m actually really happy to see that my velvet LBD is still ~relevant~.