Channeling a Cool, French-Girl Look

Oui, oui to an affordable French-girl look!

Parisian Chic Inspiration with beretsI started studying French in high school and so my obsession began. Maybe the fact that I went to a private high school named after a French saint was the beginning…who knows.

Truth be told, I love channeling a French-girl look (no makeup, bold red lip) whenever I can. In this particular look, the beret honestly is the key piece that pulls the outfit together for a Parisian chic vibe. I’ve linked to a few of my favorite berets including my exact one below.

parisian chic vibes

Cool Girl French StyleCool Girl French Style | Struggling HipsterWhite Sock Booties to Try Now | Struggling Hipsterparisian chic look

All Photography: Laurel Creative

Exact White Bootie (Marc Fisher) was a #FabFind from Marshall’s – similar styles linked below

Exact Pants – Aritzia Babaton Cohen Pant (wearing smallest size)



Top NYC Brunch Places Right Now

March 31, 2017

As it’s my last day in the city, I find it very appropriate to reflect on the top brunch places that are on MY list that you absolutely must try. I am definitely a boozy brunch gal if the occasion calls for it, but these little gems I share with you today are perfect if you’re looking for something different. Breakfast is my favorite meal, so trust me when I say these are all must try places.

1.Cafe Luluc (Carroll Gardens)

My love for Cafe Luluc cannot be described in words. When my friend told me that the pancakes are supposed to be amazing at this place, I had no idea how amazing they actually would be! They are the perfect combination of crispy on the outside while still being so fluffy in the inside. This is an absolute must try if you are a sweet tooth person like me during breakfast while still ordering a small side of eggs. It does get crowded on the weekends as it’s such a small place, so I would say be prepared to wait at least 30-4 minutes. Totally worth the wait!

2. Five Leaves (Greenpoint)

Like I said, I have a sweet tooth, so it’s only natural that Five Leaves is my second favorite brunch spot for their delicious pancakes. Did I mention they’re ricotta pancakes topped with fresh fruit?! Side note – don’t limit yourself to breakfast at Five Leaves because their burger is also delicious.

3. Buvette (West Village)

Anything in the West Village is already so adorable because the neighborhood itself looks like it’s out of a postcard, and this hidden little French gem fits right in! Just stepping right into this tiny little spot you feel transported to Paris because  it’s so tiny, you feel slightly crammed like a sardine in the booth. It’s a small price to pay for the melt in your mouth waffles with fresh compote. There is always a wait at this place, so I would recommend getting their early or know that you’re going to wait at least 30-45 minutes.

I know there are a ton more that I’d love to share with you, but then the list would just never end! Hope you enjoy and as I reflect more on some of my NYC places, I’ll be sure to share with you. Comment if you’d like to see more!